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Start Up Ad Agency

The Engine Is Red is a Start Up Ad Agency which opened it’s doors in 2009. If you call the owners, Chris Denny and Dan Sartin, dreamers expect a ‘Thank you’ since that is a fact they are sure helped get them off the ground. Being a Start Up Ad Agency in the current economy has been nothing short of a challenge but The Engine has always thought of it as an opportunity for growth and encourages it’s clients to look at it the same way. This philosophy has brought in clients with a like minded approach to the current business world and has allowed growth that has brought this Start Up Ad Agency from the backyard to a swanky downtown address to the pages of CNN Money.

We at THE ENGINE IS RED believe that a company’s Branding is one of the most powerful tools that they may have. Branding plays a key role in the buying process and at times may completely take over the decision process. When we need tape from the store it’s “Scotch Tape” and when we ask for a tissue we say do you have a Kleenex. These Brands are first in the prospects and therefore are most likely to be purchased. When we create a Brand for our clients we create something that will be memorable and stay top of mind. The bond between a prospect and a Brand will last a lifetime.

The Engine Is Red proudly serves clients from around the world, along with the following areas: Santa Rosa | Napa | Sonoma | The Jersey Shore | San Francisco | San Jose | Fraggle Rock | Narnia | Oakland | Cupertino | Palo Alto | Berkeley | Marin | Novato | Uranus | Sebastopol | San Rafael | Your Mom's House | Petaluma | Sonoma County | Napa Valley | Marin County | North Bay | Middle Earth | Munchkin Land

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Santa Rosa, CA