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Make Sure Your Seat and Tray Table are in the Upright Position.
Since then we have had the pleasure of bringing on some of the most ambitious and best clients, executing some of the best campaigns, and bringing on a few incredibly talented creatives. Every month that passes we continue to grow as smart and slow as possible. By keeping our clients diverse in size, industry, and goals, each project is new and exciting. The horizon is bright, and the team is excited. Who knows how far this dream will go, but we have a sneaking suspicion if you haven't seen our work yet, it's simply a mater of time.

The best is yet to come.
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Boutique Marketing Company

The Engine Is Red is a Boutique Marketing Company located in Sonoma County California. While The Engine is young, their growth has shown the industry that being a Boutique Marketing Company might not be the negative it once was. Facing the worst economic times in either of their lives the owners, Chris Denny and Dan Sartin, saw the perfect opportunity to bring their skills to the table. They opened the company out of Chris’ backyard but in less than a year have moved to an office in downtown Santa Rosa located at 540 5th St. Along with the size of the work-space the client list and national recognition of this Boutique Marketing Company have also grown, all the while the owners have kept the customer relations that they started with while providing results that rival the larger agencies in surrounding cities.

Web Design

As technology increases so does the need to have a strong Web Design presence. Prospects are more likely to buy online now more then ever. This change in buying behavior creates the need to change the way that products are presented. Our Web Design team can help. This transition has minimized the contact between the consumer and the company. To compensate for this loss of contact it is important to create an enjoyable, memorable, and educational buying experience on your website.

The Engine Is Red proudly serves clients from around the world, along with the following areas: Santa Rosa | Napa | Sonoma | The Jersey Shore | San Francisco | San Jose | Fraggle Rock | Narnia | Oakland | Cupertino | Palo Alto | Berkeley | Marin | Novato | Uranus | Sebastopol | San Rafael | Your Mom's House | Petaluma | Sonoma County | Napa Valley | Marin County | North Bay | Middle Earth | Munchkin Land

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640 5th St.
Santa Rosa, CA