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We Aren't an Ad Agency!
Nearly simultaneously with the decline of the event industry, our existing and new clients started asking for more traditional agency services and work. Having extensive experience in the marketing and advertising world, it was a familiar direction. In December 2008, we began taking on new advertising clients under the radar, asking each client to "please keep it between us, because while we would be happy to help them out, we aren't an ad agency." By late January, this undercover Advertising work was producing incredible results for our clients, and great revenues for us.
A rebirth was in the air...
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Best Marketing Company

The Engine Is Red is often referred to by it’s clients as the Best Marketing Company in Sonoma County. The owners, Chris Denny and Dan Sartin, say their focus is not necessarily on being the Best Marketing Company but more so on being the most diverse. With the wide range of clients and industries on their profile along with the past experience of the team The Engine is able to jump start your advertising needs almost from the first phone call. This helps to show the clients results and use each advertising dollar to it’s fullest potential. So while they don’t call them selves the Best Marketing Company in the area, they hope you will.

Copy Writing

Our approach to Copy Writing is to convey your message in a clear, straight forward and entertaining manner. No matter how complex your product or service may be it is immensely important to convey this message in a way that is understandable by even the most novice reader. Each prospect that reads your Copy Writing and doesn't understand your message, is another missed opportunity to sell. The importance of tailoring your message to your readers is key. Communicate to your audience with high quality Copy Writing.

The Engine Is Red proudly serves clients from around the world, along with the following areas: Santa Rosa | Napa | Sonoma | The Jersey Shore | San Francisco | San Jose | Fraggle Rock | Narnia | Oakland | Cupertino | Palo Alto | Berkeley | Marin | Novato | Uranus | Sebastopol | San Rafael | Your Mom's House | Petaluma | Sonoma County | Napa Valley | Marin County | North Bay | Middle Earth | Munchkin Land

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