Creative Ad Agency California
Thanks AIG.
In it's embryonic phase, The Engine was actually Sartin Denny Productions, a creative Event Marketing production company launched in August of 2008. Almost immediately it all came together, the client roster was growing, we were booking new events left and right. Then AIG had to go and borrow nearly a trillion tax payer dollars and throw a lavish event, talk about bad taste. Combine the newly minted definition of event production as waste with the impending recessional wave, and the entire event industry phone-lines went silent.
And it was the best thing that ever happened to us...
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Creative Ad Agency

The Engine Is Red is a Creative Ad Agency in Sonoma County California. The Engine opened it’s doors in 2009 when the owners, Chris Denny and Dan Sartin, found there was not one Creative Advertising Agency in the area. The Engine saw that as an opportunity to fill the need in the community. The philosophy of The Engine has always focused on bringing something new to the table, the youth of the owners and the company along with the economic state makes this not only possible but has allowed The Engine to thrive. Being the newest Creative Ad Agency in Northern California has opened doors for The Engine to work with both local and national clients and has brought national news coverage to the world of advertising in Northern California.

Public Relations

One of the tools we utilize to coincide with many of the services we offer is Public Relations. The marketing mix is an intricate one, each step of the process triggers a reaction which must co-inside with the next. Public Relations is an excellent tool that can be used to launch a brand or product and is an effective way to generate awareness. Through the use of Public Relations you increase the number of impressions of your message and through a third party. Prospects are less sceptical and more willing to except your message when it is from a source that isn't tyring to sell them.

The Engine Is Red proudly serves clients from around the world, along with the following areas: Santa Rosa | Napa | Sonoma | The Jersey Shore | San Francisco | San Jose | Fraggle Rock | Narnia | Oakland | Cupertino | Palo Alto | Berkeley | Marin | Novato | Uranus | Sebastopol | San Rafael | Your Mom's House | Petaluma | Sonoma County | Napa Valley | Marin County | North Bay | Middle Earth | Munchkin Land

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